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  • Bradlee Shopping Center
    • 3690-J King Street
    • Alexandria, VA 22302
    • Phone: 703-820-8600
  • Belle View Shopping Center
    • 1600-A Belle View Blvd.
    • Alexandria, VA 22307
    • Phone: 571-384-6880
  • Store Hours
    • Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm
    • Sunday Noon-5pm

The UnWined Team

Vanessa MooreVanessa Moore, Proprietor

I'm an accidental entrepreneur. As much as I appreciate Champagne, craft beer, and stinky cheese, over the years I've gained more from you - my colleagues, clients, family and friends than the business of wine could ever teach. Each day brings a greater appreciation for the products we sell and I'm forever grateful for the opportunity and support our community provides.

I hope you'll take a minute to get to know our team.   They are an amazing bunch - intelligent, passionate and hard working professionals that make "clocking-in" a true pleasure.

Belle View Store 571-384-6880

Renee Lorraine, Manager/Senior BuyerRenée Lorraine, General Manager/ Senior Buyer

I’ve enjoyed careers as a journalist and teacher. During a wine retail pit stop between writing and teaching I met Vanessa. As life happens, Vanessa and I went in different directions, but we reconnected as she was opening the Belle View store and I was leaving the classroom. My dear friend offered me the chance of a lifetime, and now I have the best job in the world. Since my early days at (what was the name of the lycee?) I’ve been a sucker for bubbles.

Alex Breakwell, Assistant ManagerAlex Breakwell, Assistant Manager/Craft Beer Buyer

A Northern Virginia native, I am fortunate to take a sabbatical from a career in public service to learn about enjoying and selling wine professionally. After eighteen years in the personal service field and a stint living on the Southwestern border it is great to be back in Alexandria. People and service are life long passions, and I'm eager to lead our customers to the right bottle of wine or craft beer for their everyday or special occasion.

Suzanne Ruscio, Wine AssociateSuzanne Worth, Wine Associate/Buyer

Public television in south Florida was my first calling. My wanderlust began early, and I made my way to Spain to work for the U.S. consulate in Barcelona. There I discovered a love for Spanish wines, my first true wine passion. I’ve visited more than two dozen countries since then, enjoying balmy tropical destinations the most, but an affinity for all things Spanish always brings me back to my dear Spain. I love to eat, have a passion for books, tennis, and music, and am a renowned bargain hunter.

Jim Stanfield, Wine AssociateJim Stanfield, Wine Associate

I’m a rarity in northern Virginia — a native Virginian. I grew up near Lynchburg and graduated from Virginia Tech. I had a fulfilling 20-year career as an Air Force pilot; my last assignment to the Presidential Wing at Andrews AFB brought me to the DC area. After retiring from the Air Force, I continued my flying career with United Airlines. I began my third career with Unwined. My travels introduced me to the infinite variety of wine, and my wife Barbara and I travel extensively visiting our favorite wine regions, with a particular passion for California.

Stephanie Mikos, Wine AssociateStephanie Mikos, Wine Associate

I discovered my love of wine during a year long study abroad program to Denmark. My host mother took me to places like Austria, Germany, and several regions of France where I got to taste and learn about wine. I have enjoyed a career in software sales for as long as I can remember, but I continued to learn about and enjoy wine. I have been a huge fan of Unwined for several years because of the unique selection of wines they offer. I enjoy trying new things, but have a soft spot for bold California Cabernets, Red Blends, and anything bubbly.

King Street Store 703-820-8600

Brett Chappell, General Manager/Senior BuyerBrett Chappell, General Manager/Senior Buyer

For almost three decades I have worked in the world of food, wine, and spirits. Having grown up in a small Southern town, my first sip of wine was subpar – the local muscadine variety drunk from a jelly jar. After earning an English degree and perfecting my mixing of gin and tonics, I began to work in the restaurant industry and quickly learned that I was cut out for fine dining and white tablecloths. Wine-wise, I have worked for wholesalers, importers and retailers. I am a Certified Wine Educator and Certified Sommelier.

Barbra Phillips, Wine AssociateBarbra Phillips, Wine Associate

After 15 years in intellectual property law, I decided to stay home to devote more time to my family. I enjoy the gym, where I teach spin classes and practice yoga. I’m also a substitute teacher in the City of Alexandria. I became a member of the Washington Chapter of the Sommelier Society of America when I was 20, and now happily continue my wine education as a former-customer-turned-employee of Unwined. I’m always under the spell of Provencal Rose.

Nina Prasad, Wine AssociateNina Prasad, Wine Associate

After moving to Alexandria in 2011, I discovered Unwined and quickly became a regular customer. I currently work full-time in management consulting although being part of the Unwined team has enabled me to explore and enjoy my true passions - food and wine. I'm particularly fond of California red blends but enjoy learning about all varietals across regions. In my free time, I love to try new restaurants, sushi and seafood in particular, exercising and travel.

Pam Seaton, Wine AssociatePam Seaton, Wine Associate

My career in the food and wine industry started quite early, working for Marriott while still in high school. However, it was at Morton's of Chicago where the wine bug really caught hold and I haven't looked back. Most recently I played a role in piloting a new wine bar concept in airports. Now that it has taken off, I began searching for the next adventure. Having known Vanessa for many years, as an industry colleague and longtime customer of Unwined, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to join her illustrious team; kindred spirits to my passion of wine. It's hard to choose my favorite region/style; like trying to choose my favorite Bond…Sean, Pierce, Daniel…France, Spain, California...I love them all!

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